Broken glass caused by accidents, such as a baseball, can be more harmful then the ball that broke the window. Our Safety Film (4 mil) can hold glass together if broken, preventing harmful shards of glass from being scattered around. Our Security Film (8 mil) slows, and can even prevent break-ins. Our Enhanced Security Film (12 mil) provides even more protection against break-ins, and helps protect from violent weather, such as hurricanes.


2 MIL (UV) – 90% VLT, 99% UVA & UVB
All window film contains UV inhibitors, however some customers simply do not want any kind of tint on their windows. Our 2 mil UV Film is designed for these situations, while adding basic safety to the glass. For a true safety film we recommend using our 4 mil Safety film.

4 MIL – 90% VLT
Our 4 mil Safety film is designed to hold the glass together if accidental breakage occurs. Baseballs sometime get hit the wrong way in the backyard, and accidents simply happen. If the glass was to break from these minor accidents, our 4 mil film prevents dangerous shards of glass from entering the home, and can prevent further damage or harm from occurring.

8 MIL SECURITY – 2 ply, 90% VLT
Our 8 mil security film is specked by Homeland Security for installation in their offices. Designed to hold the glass together in case of an attempted entry, this film is also used for bomb blast mitigation. It also slows entry from break-ins and prevents damage in case of accidental glass breakage. Its 99% UV rejection is an added bonus of our 8 mil security film.

12 MIL SECURITY – 2 ply, 90% VLT
Our 12 mil Security Film is recommended for serious protection. With proper installation, a window with this film can partially withstand being hit with a hammer, and entry cannot be gained easily. 12 mil is regularly in stock, and requires a special shipping container.


Heavy duty anti-graffiti films are installed on the exterior of the glass to protect the windows from nearly any type of vandalism. If tagging, spray paint or basic defacement is a concern, our 4 mil anti-graffiti film is perfect for your application.

To protect against serious etching or acid vandalism, we recommend upgrading to the 7 mil anti-graffiti film. The 7mil anti-graffiti film also acts as a security film by absorbing impact from accidental breakage and slowing break-in attempts.

This 4 mil safety film has added solar film benefits. With one application you can add safety, energy efficiency, and heat rejection to windows.

8 MIL NEUTRAL – 5%, 20%, 35% and 50% VLTs available
This is an 8 mil security film with added solar film benefits. Add security, energy efficiency, and heat rejection in one application. Multiple VLTs are available.